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Ears On-Interactive CD ROM for Cardiac Auscultation

Establish your objectives and familiarize yourself with the icons which allow you to navigate through the program.

• The quiz screen has ninety quizzes and quiz reviews, each case having a heart sound video on demand.The
first thirty are for all "learners" and are concentrated on basics.
• The second thirty are for family physicians, and nurse practitioners, and are directed toward distinguishing the normal from abnormal.
• The final thirty are for specialists, who perforce must know the preceding sixty.
• Upon filling in the questions in the quiz, desirably one proceeds with the next quiz in the section, and upon completing the section reviews the five cases in the section. One can however proceed directly to the quiz review, after completing each quiz.

After studying the answers, refer to the discussion, and finally bring up the video. The video may be stopped at any point for detailed study.

• At the bottom of the discussion, there are links taking you to the appropriate section of the tutorial or the library where one can see more examples of the case being studied.

• After seeing a certain condition in the office or hospital, one may wish to study other cases of the same problem in the library.
• The library is comprised of seventeen sections with each section having a number of example cases. Each case has a discussion, and after listening and reading, a video of the sounds can be played.

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