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Facts about MSPE (Medical Student Performance Evaluation) including sample MSPEs

Sample MSPE: 1

Sample MSPE: 2
Sample MSPE 3
Sample MSPE 4

Though you can start applying though ERAS on September 1 every year, your MSPE will be released by ECFMG only on November 1 to the programs.
-This gives you 2 extra months for you to get your MSPE completed by your Medical school.
-Also, there is another important point to note here. Most of the IMG-friendly programs start sending invitations to candidates by the end of September itself. And by Nov 1st most of the IMG-friendly programs would have sent out all the invitations. So does MSPE carry any significance as far as IMGs are concerned? May be they might look into your MSPE before you appear for the interview. Also, most of the good programs (including non-IMG friendly ones) wait for Nov 1 to have a look at your MSPE before extending an interview invitation. So try your best to get a good MSPE if you are aiming high.

2. Dean's letter :
MSPE was formerly called as Dean's Letter. Probably because most of the Dean's letter for IMGs had future predictions about the performance of the candidate, ECFMG decided to introduce this new term "MSPE" which instead gives the details about the past performance of the candidate during the medical school.

3. Is it compulsory to get the MSPE?
No. If you are not able to get MSPE from your Medical school, a Dean's letter would do. But again, MSPE is highly recommended. This is what ECMFG says here:
I have a Dean’s letter not a Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE). Can I still submit it?

You can submit a Dean’s letter as your MSPE. The term “Dean’s letter” is no longer used. The term “Medical Student Performance Evaluation” (MSPE) has been implemented to better describe the purpose of this document, which is to evaluate the performance of the medical student. It is not a letter of recommendation. The content of the MSPE/Dean’s letter is what matters, not the name of the document.

4. Do we have to submit our original MSPE or a copy is enough?
For ERAS application, you need to submit the ORIGINAL MSPE which will be returned by ECFMG to you later if you pay an extra fees.

5. What is the deadline for MSPE submission?
ECFMG recommends you to send the MSPE by October 1 latest.

6. I have already submitted my MSPE for the last year's match. Do I need to send it again to ECFMG?
No. ECFMG will retrieve your MSPE from your previous year's file.

7. The MSPE looks extensive and my medical school in home country refuses to give such a document. What to do?
You can explain in detail your Dean about this MSPE. If he/she still refuses to give the complete MSPE, then you can request them to give at least the portions of the MSPE which they are ready to give (I got my MSPE without those graphs as my medical school refused). This is my personal opinion and not officially suggested by ECFMG anywhere in their website.

8. How to prepare the MSPE?
Click here for the official guide for the preparation of the MSPE. SOURCE: ECFMG

9. Is MSPE counted as a letter of recommendation?
No. MSPE is a totally different document as far as ERAS application is concerned.

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