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USMLE Application procedures and Various Forms

Before applying to USMLE Step1 u must be Registered with

Dont Give any Wrong info. Whatever u give, It will be PERMANENT!

Precautions to take where most ppl do mistakes!:

1.Date Of Birth (see date and month clearly)

2.First and Last Name : Remember LAST NAME is ur SURNAME and indicate Middle name as a seperate word IF u have it the same in ur PASSPORT(forget about ur other certificates..Passport is the standard one!)

3.Give a Personal e-mail account(i prefer Gmail) Without any clutter in it and use it exclusively for urUSMLE purposes...

It will take 2-5 days to get ur account activated..


Now Step-1 & Step2ck Applcation Process..


Login Into IWA by clicking on it and using ur ecfmg/usmle id

Select Step1 application by selecting"Begin a new application"

And u hve to fill a 10-12 page application

Finally u get 2part Application..

These two parts to the ECFMG IWA application are

  1. The On-line Part of the application: the part you submit to ECFMG electronically, and
  2. The Certification Statement (Form 183): the part you send by mail to ECFMG if you are a medical school student


The Certification of Identification Form (CIN) (Form 186): the part you mail to ECFMG if you are a medical school graduate

Documents u have to send with them...

1.Send Form183 With ur photo attested and Signed my Ur Medical School Dean/Principal


Send Form 186 with Photo attested and Notarised if u r a Graduate

2.For Step1 Send Clinical clerkship For the First 3yrs MBBS to show that u have been thru The basic sciences departments(mandatory/Better if u sebd it!)

For Step2 CK Send this clinical clerkship with all year's Clerkships as a list with ur College's Official Seal on it

3.If u have Name Change / DOB Change send FORM 182 -Biographic Information Change Certificate

ie.,If u submit wrong order of ur name/wrong DOB u can change it with this form and u have to send a supporting document for this..Like passport/Birth certificate etc..

Along with Step2CK application (Form 186) send The Medical Diploma...

It will come back again to your college for Verification.

For Step2 CS

If u have already applied for Step2ck and sent ur CIN ....Once the CIN gets approved it will be valid for 5years...

So No need to send anymore Paper applications along with your online applications..

If Not.. if u are applying for CK b4 CS Its the same as for the ck application

For Step3

U have to Select a state like Conneticut and apply for that state where there are Minimal/No Requirements.

Here u have to Apply thru once u pay the money u will get a form called CERTIFICATION OF IDENTITY (CID) form u have to attest a photo on it and send it after u get it Notarised..This is the only Form u have to send in the case of Connecticut's Application.For some other States u have to send State Licence and other documents along with it.

Remember for sending the Clerkships,Medical Diploma along with ur application u shud send a Form Called FORM 187(Document Submission Form) (except for Step3)......Which Guides ur Forms to the Rt place..

So..All put together for an application. For Step2ck u have to send..

1.Online part of application (once u pay amt it is automatically submitted)

2.Form 186


4.Clinical Clerkship

5.Medical Diploma(No need to send transcripts now)

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