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Body Simulation for Anesthesia

Created by:N. Ty Smith, M.D. Terence M. Davidson, M.D.
Publisher:Advanced Simulation Corporation
Size:11,88 MB

Body Simulation for Anesthesia is software for teaching and training in the field of anesthesia. A detailed and graphically pleasing user interface has been customized to represent the operating room environment. Users may explore a myriad of scientific and clinical aspects as they run through life-like cases. The detailed model allows administration of IV lines, fluids, injected and inhaled drugs and agents, anesthesia machine and ventilator settings, and many more clinical maneuvers. Extensive plotting a graphing features make exploration of internal processes fun, exciting, and informative.

Body Simulation for Anesthesia is an interactive PC-based multi-media software program. It is a simulation of the anesthesia work environment that is centered around a sophisticated mathematical model of human physiology and pharmacology. The program provides a multimedia presentation of the patient and the anesthesia workstation such that users may interact with the software to do actions that would be done during an anesthetic case. The goal of the software is to provide users with the opportunity to run through the all intellectual motions, to the extent limited by a multimedia simulation, that would normally be routine, or not so routine, during the anesthetic delivery process(This Demo version).

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