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Cardiac Arrest Lite!

Software details:
Producer:Mad scientist software
Supplied by Acute Care Education Inc.
Size: 4.2 MB

Cardiac Arrest! Lite is a graphically simpler version of the simulator -- either for users with older computers or for those who don't want all the noise and action of the video version. It includes all the drugs, all the patients, and all the fun.
This is state-of-the-art computer learning. Not "Choose A,B,C" nor "Guess what I'm thinking" but a real simulation that's stimulating and fun.
Patients cover a wide variety of medical problems associated with cardiovascular collapse. (And each patient behaves differently each time resuscitation is attempted.) Many patients pose difficult therapeutic priorities, presenting problems beyond heart attacks, such as hypocalcemia, hypothermia, and hyperkalemia.
Cardiac Arrest! casts you in the role of emergency physician. The patient's history is presented, and the resuscitation efforts begin. You read the ECG on the computer screen, interpret the vital signs and laboratory data, and give treatment orders. ACLS becomes a challenging computer adventure game.

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