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North Thames Part 2B FRCR Rapid Reporting Self Assessment CD ROM

Author:E.A. Dick | Remedica Publishing | ISBN:1901346137 | 2000-03-01 | EXE | 37.28 Mb

Product Description:

Compiled by radiology registrars the "North Thames Rapid Reporting Self Assessment CD-ROM" features 10 packets of films; each containing 30 single films that range in difficulty. In view of the changed format of the Part 2B FRCR examination this CD-ROM provides candidates with an up-to-date revision aid and offers strategic advice for approaching rapid reporting. Although this resource is primarily aimed at those currently working towards Part 2B of the FRCR it is also suitable for any trainee radiologist or A&E radiographer who reports films in 'hot-seat' sessions or on-call. The CD-ROM aims to provide a clear reference with 300 films presented in a quiz format that aim to mimic the FRCR examination itself.

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