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Simpson Handbook of Obstetrics Anesthesia

A sound practical and theoretical knowledge of the basic proceduresis required to deal with the challenge posed by labour ward emergencies.
This handbook which is based on a manual for a large maternity hospital is designed to meet this need. Recent advances in electronic publication have opened up new and exciting opportunities for distributing and updating the handbook.
Handbook of Obstetric Anaesthesia was converted for viewing on a PDA using the iSilo document viewer software. Some of the text in the tables has been altered in an attempt to optimise the document for a 320x320 screen, such as that seen on the Sony Clie or Palm Tungsten, however the content otherwise remains the same. The original HTML document was distributed free of charge by Astra Pharmaceuticals on a CD ROM during drug representative meetings.
The copyright remains with the original authors.J.S. BERRINGTON, March 2003

Author: Compiled by Jim Berrington

Created/Updated: 3/11/2003

Size: 2.0MB

format :PDB(iSilo3)

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